Leading App Marketplace AppGallery Introduceas NFC Payments in European Markets

Leading App Marketplace AppGallery Introduceas NFC Payments in European Markets

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AppGallery, a leading app marketplace, has introduced near-field communication (NFC) payments in European markets, after forming a partnership with Stocard, a leading mobile wallet provider.

After teaming up with AppGallery, Stocard worked closely with Huawei to integrate Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core capabilities within its app, thus enabling NFC payments across Huawei mobile phones. Huawei mobile users based in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK will be able to carry out convenient smartphone payments without requiring physical cards.

David Handlos, Founder & CEO at Stocard, stated:

“We are beyond excited to partner with Huawei to implement HMS Core capabilities, and deliver a more convenient and powerful shopping experience to the users. The integration marks a major milestone in our commitment to deliver the future of banking to our users. We are thankful for Huawei’s support throughout the entire partnership and in helping us realise this vision.”

In addition to reducing wallet clutter, the launch of NFC enabled payments provides Huawei, mobile phone users, easy access to membership cards and vouchers, which makes it a lot simpler to collect loyalty points.

Other types of discounts, coupons and flyers will reportedly be offered via the app, with a chance to claim discounts or money-off airline tickets or getting special gift cards from various retail outlets. They include Tchibo, MediaMarkt, Douglas, IKEA, and several others.

Having a large customer base of 60 million, Stocard chose to streamline its services via an HMS Core integration. Stocard clients in Europe now have the option to use the app available in AppGallery to top up their account or prepaid card so they can conduct transactions at Mastercard acceptance points.

With AppGallery and its HMS Core, Huawei remains focused on providing its business partners the best technologies to support them in further expanding their product offering. Huawei partners are able to trust that along with access to AppGallery’s international audience, they are able to leverage the latest technology to expand their own app functionality.

Stocard will also be providing AppGallery users in Germany an opportunity to claim exclusive offers, following the HMS Core integration. The first 50,000 Huawei clients, based in Germany, to download the app via AppGallery and apply for the Stocard Mastercard will qualify to get it for free and immediately, without going through a long waiting list.

Peter Gauden, Head of West Europe Ecosystem Marketing at Huawei Consumer Business Group, remarked:

“At Huawei, we are passionate about supporting our partners so that they can offer their customers a more competitive service – whether that be through improving app capabilities or supporting with business development. Our top priority is to continue to offer our partners the technology and services that they need to provide the best possible experience for their customers.”

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